Welcome to the CZA Image Library

This is an OpenGL image loader that is based upon stb_image by Sean Barrett. From this library you can easily load almost any image into your OpenGL projects. If you have any question or concerns let me know on the contact page. 

This is the currently supported file type. 

      JPEG baseline (no JPEG progressive)
      PNG 8-bit only

      TGA (not sure what subset, if a subset)
      BMP non-1bpp, non-RLE
      PSD (composited view only, no extra channels)

      GIF (*comp always reports as 4-channel)
      HDR (radiance rgbE format)
      PIC (Softimage PIC) 

Usage Example

Build Texture from a file. 

GLuint BuildTexture(const char * filename, bool invertimg = false, bool grayscale = false, bool gentexcoords = false, bool buildMipMap = false, bool addalpha = false);

GLuint _SkyBox[6];
_SkyBox[location] = CZAIL::BuildTexture(filename, inverttex, grayscale);

Get image data

unsigned char *GetTextureData(const char * filename,int &width, int &height,int &channels, bool invertimg = false, bool grayscale = false );

unsigned char * image = CZAIL::GetTextureData(heightmap, w, h,channels, true);

Build a colored texture

GLuint BuildColorTexture(unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b);

Materials[j].tex = CZAIL::BuildColorTexture(r, g, b);

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